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George Irving was a founder member of the South Shields Youth theatre in 1966, and a director from 1968 - 69.

He worked at the National Youth Theatre from 1966 - 73, and attended Birmingham University Drama department , graduating in July 1973, with B.A.Hons in Drama.

He has appeared in repertory in Newcastle, Exeter, Birmingham and Leicester, and a season at the Open Space.

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Ustinov, Theatre Royal Bath
Maggie Henderson
George Irving as Duff
George Irving as Duff ...brilliantly deploying Pinter’s notorious pauses to illuminate what shadows their seemingly random recollections of feeding ducks, lying on a beach, standing on a railway platform. It’s theatre made out of almost nothing – and it’s all the more beautiful and terrifying as a result.
landscape programme
 2011  The Extremists    Goode  Royal Court Theatre, Jerwood Theatre

 Gemma Brockis,
Chris Goode,
Kali Hughes, Sebastien Lawson Simon Kane.

2011  Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?  George  Albee  Octagon Theatre, Bolton Margot Leicester, Tammy Joelle, Kieran Hill George Irving as George Irving shines as George, with his dry delivery and natural flair for performing. His rapport with each character is flawless, and the difficult task he faces of portraying a fine line between heartache and facade is something that he attacks with panache and ease.
who's afraid of Virginia Woolf programme
2011  The Piper    Colleen Murphy  Finborough Theatre        
2012 Across Oka Pavel Robert Holman Duke of York's

Paul Copley

Matthew Tennyson

Marion Bailey



2013 Gibraltar Nick Alastair Brett with Sian Evans Arcola Theatre

Billy McColl

Greer Dale-Foulkes

Karina Fernandez

    Gibraltar Programme
2013 Tyne Ralph Michael Chaplin

Live Theatre Newcastle


Phil Corbitt, Paul Dodds, Victoria Elliott, Jane Holman, Zoe Lambert, Assad Zaman     Tyne programme
2014 Julius Caesar Caesar Shakespeare Shakespeare's Globe
Anthony Howell

Christopher Logan

Tom McKay

Keith Ramsay

Katy Stephens

Luke Thompson

Dickon Tyrrell
George Irving as Julius Caesar Perhaps the strongest performance though George Irving's excellent Caesar, with just the right mix of arrogance and suspicion. What comes out strongly are undertones of Marlon Brando's Godfather. julius caesar programme
2015 The Oresteia Agamemnon/Apollo


adapted by Rory Mullarky

Shakespeare's Globe

Katy Stephens

Joel MacCormack

  George Irving is accomplished and funny as Agamemnon, reasoned and intelligent as Apollo The Oresteia programme
2016 Anthony Unbound Anthony   La Plaza, Buenos Aires   George Irving in Anthony Unbound    
2016 Kenny Morgan Mr Ritter Mike Poulton Arcola Theatre

Paul Keating

 Simon Dutton

George Irving as Mr Ritter George Irving’s carefully realised performance as Ritter is a reminder of the balanced frame of mind and composed, rational figure Kenny has seemed to lack so far in his life