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George Irving was a founder member of the South Shields Youth theatre in 1966, and a director from 1968 - 69.

He worked at the National Youth Theatre from 1966 - 73, and attended Birmingham University Drama department , graduating in July 1973, with B.A.Hons in Drama.

He has appeared in repertory in Newcastle, Exeter, Birmingham and Leicester, and a season at the Open Space.

year play role author venue other cast members   review
1991 The Second Mrs Tanqueray Aubrey Tanqueray Pinero Salisbury Playhouse Michael Sheldon, Daniel Tobias. George Irving 'George Irving's slightly deadpan delivery sounds dull at first, but then becomes an integral part of the character of Tanqueray, making all the more moving his final anguished breakdown'
1991 The Winters Tale

Old shepherd

Shakespeare Salisbury Playhouse Richard Howard    
1992 White woman street Blakely Barry Bush theatre and Abbey theatre David Yip    
1992 The Professional Teya Dusan Kovacevic Offstage Theatre Illona Linthwaite    
1992 Walpurgis night Prokorov Erofeyev Gate theatre Nicholas Farrell George Irving as Prokorov "Dalia Ibelhauptaite deploys a high calibre cast to present a stark, gripping production, pack with harrowing truths and fierce intelligence.... the production is flawless."
1994 Hamlet Claudius Shakespeare Old Rep Birmingham Russell Boulter, Celia Montague    
1996 The Last Yankee Leroy Hamilton Miller Colchester Mercury Cheryl Campbell, Peter Laird, Heather Canning   'a splendid production,' (The Times) 'George Irving is much more reticent.. he is imbued with a terse defensiveness... often making crucial points with his eyes glancing off to eight o'clock of his interlocutor's face. '
1996 Hamlet Claudius Shakespeare Greenwich Theatre Michael Maloney, Dinah Stabb George Irving

'George Irving's quiet, reptilian Claudius seems unrelaxed at first, but soon gains authority: his account of the king at bay is harrowing.'

Sunday Times

The Second Mrs Tanqueray
The Winter's Tale
white woman street programme
Walpurgis Night
The Professional programme
The Last Yankee programme The Last Yankee Hamlet Hamlet